The Deep Darkness-Hall of Doors

I left a few loose ends in my hurry to get the main body of the Deep Darkness finished. Today I’ll tie up those loose ends in four posts. Finally, here’s Q1.QMazeCave

This region guards Quudala‘s token, needed to open the Vault of Six in Mythali’s Promise. It is protected by another rainbow themed maze like the one at center of the Deep Darkness, surrounding the descent from the Sphere, but with different rules.

Experienced Stewards might have the way to the door hiding Quudala‘s token memorized, but newer Stewards are merely taught a clue so they can get there in an emergency and may never have entered the maze. The Stewards enter the area primarily in order to verify that traps magical and mundane are still set on the other rooms.

Interrogated Stewards might share clues ranging from “In the rainbow’s arc violet is far shorter than the red.” to “Between two reds and a purple.” Those who know the exact solution are less likely to cave under pressure and have enough attention from Quudala that she might intervene.

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