Ability Tuesday-Enchant (Lesser, Greater, Epic)

RingEnchanterI’m surprised I haven’t yet broached this topic. I’ve talked about enchantment in general. I’ve talked about the Enchanter’s Almanack. I’ve even covered Transient Enchant, essentially an auxiliary to “True Enchants.” As the name implies, Petty Enchants are weak tea compared to the True Enchants we’re talking about today. This is the real stuff. This is the Bags of Holding, the Invisibility Cloak, the Feather Fall Ring, the Flying Ship, and really most of the things you can do with Mind Weave Magic in item form.

By getting one of the enchanting abilities on level up, the player buys the ability to get a limited number of enchants. This number depends on the type of enchant chosen. A level in Lesser Enchant grants four (4) enchanted items with one (1) arc, radius, finger, and word. A Greater Enchant grants two (2) enchanted items with two (2) arcs, radii, fingers, and words. An Epic Enchant grants one (1) enchanted item with three (3) arcs, radii, fingers, and words, though in this case a radius can be exchanged for an arc for two (2) radii and four (4) arcs.

SwordEnchanterThese enchantments take a time and Spell Point investment depending on their size and type to create and can only be created one at a time. The SP investment comes in the form of a fractional reduction in SP recovery during the enchant time.

The quality of enchantments depends more on the enchanter’s other abilities that his enchanting level. The components used in enchanting are learned from Spell Casting and other Magic School abilities, and the accuracy of auto-activating enchants with the detect syllable and a target depend on the maker’s wisdom.

Levels in enchanting abilities do help with the possibility of creating intelligent enchants. Each level in an enchanting ability increases the enchanters control over whether or not the enchantment creates is intelligent and what alignment the intelligence in the enchantment has.

Using the Mind Weave Magic System and the Enchanter’s Almanack, enchantments as various as Mind Weave Spells can be made. Can you come up with a clever one? Can you optimize to push the limits of Mind Weave enchantments? Share your creations in the comments below! Here are a couple of my favorites: The King’s Pavilion and Diver’s Helm.

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