Monster Monday-Churner


“What is that hideous creature?” Malkus cried as they rounded the corner.

“I’ll get it, sir.” Tygus volunteered, signalling for Paris and Garret to follow.

“Be careful,” Malkus warned. He needn’t have, the creature fled, dropping onto a side and lumbering into a small tunnel it’s size nearby.

“No danger, sir. He’s returned to his burrow.”

“Wait! I hear it above us. It’s fast!”

They all turned to see the creature bursting from another burrow, leaping into their ranks, spinning in a furious whirlwind of claws.


Health Points: 48+2d6

Spell Points: None

Attack 1: Fore Claws, 1d4 damage. When standing vertically, 2 claws on each of  four sides. When horizontal, 2 claws on each flank. Speed: 1. Dexterity: 15. Strength: 15.

Attack 2: Rear Claws, 1d6 damage. When standing vertically, none. When standing horizontally, 6 behind, 2 on each flank, maximum of 6 total. Speed: 1/2. Dexterity: 12. Strength: 20.

Attack 3: Bite, 1d8 damage. When standing vertically, none. When standing horizontally, bite forward. Speed: 1/2. Dexterity: 15. Strength: 10+(Distance Moved Last Second)/10.

Speed: 12+12 per surface run on when horizontal, maximum 60.

Digging Speed: 1/4 cubic feet per second, a Churner-sized tunnel at 3/4 inch per second.

Armor: 6 4 12 (Eye Stalk: 2 0 0)

Special: Climb X, Blade Dance V (when vertical), Perception II (with all 4 eyes, full coverage all directions. Eyes spaced at 90° with a 120° range of view per eye.)

Description: Churners live in deep dark places. They feed primarily on carrion and other waste they can find left by other creatures. They prefer to live in the same small territory where they have dug their tunnels, waiting for other creatures to leave their remains or waste in the area. As they get more hungry, they will try to use the advantage their tunnels give them, namely the opportunity to run on 4 walls in them for ambush and speed, to hunt passersby.  They are powerful fighters and will defend their territory if they feel threatened. If they become desperate for food, they will leave their territory to hunt, where they are less dangerous, but still formidable.

Churners live a long time if not killed. They are prudent, and become even more prudent with age and experience. Many churners will lose an eye or two in badly picked fights in their youth and live another hundred years or so with two or three good eyes. The older the churner, the more tunnels they will have dug in their territory. In particularly rich waste environments, churners will live in small groups. These small colonies grow up near dragon hoards and the living areas of other large creatures where there is plenty of refuse. This may include near humanoid underground humanoid cities, if the humanoids let them live and consume their waste.

As a player, how would you react to a creature with fast movement in the walls? How would you counter it’s rushing bite and blade dances? As a Master Weaver, would you use such an ambush as an encounter? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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