Saturday Enchantment-The King’s Pavilion

KingsPavilion“What are goblins doing with a pavilion like that?”

“How do they keep it white?”

“It doesn’t matter. There were six goblins, nothing we can’t handle. But to be safe, bring up the archers and get outrunners in the woods around them. I don’t want any getting away. Fill it with twenty volleys before approaching.”

“Yes, sir. Merrick, lead the outrunners.”

If you don’t know the Mind Weave enchanting rules, this resource will help you keep up: Enchanter’s Almanack.

This particular idea came up when one of my players, playing an enchanter, became worried that I would begin to counter them with their own tactics, namely encharged arrows like the Ice Snap Arrow. He began considering a point defense system, but I think he gave up too quickly (maybe he wanted a smaller enchant or just a spell, or maybe a longer range). I present…

The King’s Pavilion

The High King Ulrick presided over the rise of men in his part of the world. Continuing what his father had died to begin, he gathered the tribes of the area and united them, driving back the darkness and carving a powerful territory. Much of his power was in the form of powerful magic his shaman mastered. As he grew into manhood, the magic study he sponsored proceeded nicely. His court mages developed enchanting and sought to impress him with their best work.

One of them created something he truly loved: a pavilion that would protect him from arrows when he marched forth at the head of his armies. It worked wonderfully in demonstrations and even in the field. It was elegant, it was beautiful, it was Ulrick’s downfall. So well did his pavilion protect him, he pushed deeper into enemy territory with only a small band. Why risk his armies?

He and his men were killed by digging worshipers of Quudala, and the pavilion was never seen again.

Components: Liu, Gruo, Earth (Full)x2, Ya (Advanced Earth Arc), Oh (Advanced Wind Arc), Dain (Advanced Occult Radius), Ku (Advanced Physical Radius)

Understand Artifact: 125 to understand it is passively activated. 145 to understand it is triggered by incoming threats and defends against them.

This greater enchant is Min sized when set up as a pavilion and On sized when packed for transportation. It is a round by round activation enchantment with no Spell Point cost and no off switch. This does not mean that it activates every turn. Using the detection syllable, the enchantment’s activation is triggered by arrows in flight and other high speed objects moving toward the pavillion. When triggered, it creates a ¾ sphere dome of diamond around the pavilion with radius equal to the range. The thickness and radius of this dome both depend on its mode, whether set up or packed.

Setup, the pavilion is Min sized and gets a 2*3/4=1.5 times multiplier. This gives the 3/4 sphere a radius of 6 feet, and therefore a surface area of 339.3 square feet. The 1.3125 cubic feet of diamond created is spread over this surface for a thickness of 0.0464 inch. This might seem thin, but with hardness mechanics as they now stand, a diamond tipped arrow striking a diamond surface must do over 20 damage to do any damage to the surface.

Even very heavy bows would have to get lucky to do this kind of damage, though petty enchanted bows and arrows could have a better chance, as could those with other magical enhancements. With diamond so thin, an arrow whose tip has a 1 square inch cross section would break through with even 0.05 damage above the 20 damage. This implies that a plausible route for breaking the diamond is to use a higher damage weapon with a greater cross-section, such as melee weapons that benefit from strength, or siege weapons which get a massive damage. Sunder could also be used to surpass the hardness of the diamond.

Packed, the pavilion is Min sized and gets a 2*2/4=1 times multiplier. This gives the 3/4 sphere a radius of 4 feet, and therefore a surface area of 150.8 square feet. The 0.875 cubic feet of diamond created is spread over this surface for a thickness of 0.0696 inch. This is thicker, but not thick enough to make any difference, since the hardness is what stops projectiles in this case. The nearer radius restricts the carriers movement and provides less protection against AoE effects that might be added by magic.

How’d you like seeing an enchantment? Would you want The King’s Pavilion? How would you fight it? Could you assure you break through the crystal without hurting the fragile cloth? As a Master Weaver, would you use this against your players? How?

What enchantments would you make? Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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