Mind Weave Class-Illusionist

For a list of other classes visit the Mind Weave class system description.


Tier: Second

Origins: Magic-user

Advancement: Enchanter

Races: Humans, Gnomes, Merfolk

Minimum Attributes:

Strength: 10 Constitution: 6 Dexterity: 18

Wisdom: 20 Intelligence: 26 Charisma: 10

A second tier advancement of the magic-user class. The illusionist retains the skills learned as a magic-user adept, but focuses his further learning on illusory casting. His spells are able to influence the mind of the enemy and can often be cast nearly instantly using swift magic in order to bring about an instant reaction in eminent opponents. It is a highly specialized class and generally harks back on magic-user experience.

CreateFacsimileIllusionists arrive at their specialized form of casting for different reasons.  Some to hide their shady dealings, others to make more grandiose their displays of magic.  There are many reasons to want to be able to mask reality, to affect the minds of others, and to simulate life.  Whatever the reason, it is the nature of the illusionist to hide, to enhance, and to change.

Initial Abilities: Illusory Casting +1, Facade +1, Swift Magic+1(Required to take: Fingers(light, dark), Syllables(re, siu, liu))Sensory Extension

Initial Skills: None.

Potential Abilities: Arcane Knowledge, Create Facsimile, Disguise, Eidetic Memory, Enchant Transient, Fast Hands, Haggle, Lie, Magical Scholasticism, Sense Magic, Sensory Extension, Throw Voice, Understand Artifact.

Associated Skills: Perception.

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