Character Thursday-The Governing Bodies of the Mhyrin Empire

The Mhyrin Empire on the Ragged Coast is ruled on an imperial level by three main governing bodies: The High Emperor, the Aristocratic Court, and the Magicratic Court. All three have their meeting and audience chambers in the powerful Mhyrin Tower, though only the High Emperor lives there. There are ways to earn a place in the two courts, so they are an eclectic mix.

The High Emperor of Mhyrin is also the Mayor of Mhyrinport. He is the high commander of the military forces of the Empire and also controls the Mhyrinport police force. He appoints judges in the city and across the empire and is the highest judge in the land, handling personally issues he deems important. The new emperor is so far always a member of the Mhyrinshind family, chosen by the previous emperor and approved by the two Courts.

The Aristocratic Court claims to represent the people, but in reality they represent land and the resources there. They influence the emperor through lobbying and political alliances and can technically pass laws, but there is no strong mandate for the emperor to honor those laws. This court is 30% members of the Mhyrinshind family, 25% members of the Hildrickfrick family, 25% members of the Mirikglind family, 10% members of lesser gnome families, 5% human merchants, and 5% representatives of other human groups.

The Magicratic Court represents the magic families, houses, and clubs of the city. They pass laws relating to the use of magic and pontificate on ongoing magical research. They collect tax on magical trade and distribute their funds to magical experimenters. This court is 40% members of the Mhyrinshind family, 25% of lesser gnome families, 15% members of the Hildrikfrick family, 10% members of the Mirikglindel family, 5% human merchants, 4% human enchanters, and 1% human craftsmen.

How would you deal with the political tides of Mhyrinport? Would you fight them? Would you try to influence them? Let us know in the comments below.  

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