World Building Wednesday-Mhyrinport

Mhyrinport is by far the largest city on the Ragged Coast and the capital of the Mhyrin Empire. Its 15,000 souls consume most of the food production of the entire Ragged Coast, over 160 square miles of farm land. It is the home to the High Emperor, as well as the Aristocratic and Magicratic Courts, the three primary governing bodies of the Mhyrin Empire. With the only deep water port on the Ragged Coast, it is a center for ship building and the home of the powerful Mhyrin fleet as well as a trade capital for the frontier territories.

While the city is very prosperous, even more so than the rest of the Ragged Coast, it is also the best place for the poor to congregate. The residents have more disposable wealth for beggars and the city walls protect them. They live near the gates in order to go out and gather behind the harvesters in the fields and beg from those entering or leaving the city.

Most of the population are farmers, who work in the fields surrounding the city, especially to the North and South where they have to walk further. In the morning and evenings, they make up most of the traffic through the two gates. They live healthy, modest lives in small homes, sometimes sharing multilevel spaces with other families. Their living areas are less policed and have a higher crime rate than other parts of town. The fishermen live in a similar status, gaining a view of the wharf in exchange for the smell of fish. Wealthy gnomes have dictated they live where the smell stays in the bay or is blown out to sea.

Craftsmen and smiths in the city are well respected, they convert the raw resources mined by the gnomes and brought in by lumberjacks into lighter weight, more valuable products before shipping them to other nations. They also supply the raw product for enchanters to enhance. Their working and living areas are full of saw dust and other refuse and noisy during the day. Many of them are gnomes from non-noble families, but most are humans who have learned from the best. The more skilled caste of craftsmen are artisans and do their work in the open and sell from their displays in the Art Sector of the city. It is a frequent walking and meeting area for wealthy residents of the city.

Shipwrights are viewed more highly than the other skilled craftsmen. Though there is an artistic branch of ship builders who build small ships for wealthy buyers, but most of them work on the much more prestigious trade and war junks bought by merchants and the fleet. They have multiple 200 foot wide dry docks in which they build the massive ships, over 500 feet long. The massive ships make a stir in any port they sail into, and no pirates can stand against the powerful war ships with their incredible payload. The Mhyrin Empire forbids the sale of these war junks to other nations.

Enchanters are the best paid professionals in Mhyrinport. They are constantly working on Petty Enchants to sell for their living, and they live very well. They otherwise work as craftsmen or study and train in preparation for another batch of True Enchants, often experimenting with Transient Enchants. Some might run magic shops.

Merchants mostly run the city. The police are seen on every corner in their residential areas and their coffee houses are centers for trade deals. The bustle in their area can be felt. Almost all of the merchants are human, and they are  by far the most influential human group in the empire. Few of them actually have shops in the city, but many shopkeepers have gravitated to the area to sell to this wealthy group. The merchants mostly live there to be at the center of deals and manage their trade routes and merchant fleets. All the small merchants there are ambitious to grow into bigger fish.

The artificial hill at the center of Mhyrinport is topped by a powerful tower, the home of the High Emperor and the meeting areas of the two courts: the Aristocrats and the Magicrats. Large dungeons fill the volume under the hill and those Nobles and Magicrats that live on the hill are the primary candidates to occupy those dungeons. No one knows their actual extent under the hill.

I intend to use Mhyrinport as a campaign hub, at least for a little while. What do you think? Would your players visit it to spend their treasure? Would you put adventures within it? What kinds? Let us know in the comments below.

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