Monster Monday-Ring Wyrm

RingWyrm“I’m pretty sure it’s a ring of Fire Gout,” Filn said. “It can’t be too powerful, but we’d have to use it to see.”

“Alright then,” Micheal said, putting it on. He faced the nearby wooden door and punched out his fist. The bronze dragon figure on the ring opened its mouth and fire burst forth, consuming the door in a rush of ash.

“Damn, it’ll be a while before we can do that again. Did it take any of your energy?”

“No, I’ll just keep trying it.” He punched his fist out again and a small spark of flame was emitted.

“Great, we may never see a flame like that first one,” Filn lamented. He still had no idea what he was dealing with.

Ring WyrmRingWyrm2

Health Points: 4

Spell Points: None

Attack: None

Speed: 6

Armor: 12 12 12

Special Attack: Blood fuel, sucks 1 HP per half hour from a wearer. This begins as soon as put on. When putting it on, a perception of 18 registers a pin prick of pain. Thereafter, a perception check of 25 is needed to detect the blood sucking. Visible marks when the ring is removed are minimal with a perception of 22 needed to notice them when looking, 32 for casual recognition.

Special Attack 2: Blood fire, as a fire breath weapon with 30 degree cone for 1 fire damage per hour of wear since the last use. Triggered by the wearer by punching a fist. Will use itself against targets if threatened.

Special Defense: Emits a magic aura as a ring of fire gout: wind (indirect), fire, ful arc, des arc, dain radius, ku radius, ki, jai. Disguise X as bronze ring with dragon head figure for 23 perception to recognize if familiar with Ring Wyrms.

Description: Ring Wyrms are a fairly rare kind of drake that can frequently be found infiltrating magical artifact collections. They spend most of their time curled up to look like a bronze ring, but they will get up an move if not locked up. They need to find people to wear them so they can get sustenance. They will try to creep to the front of artifact stores or into nearby treasure troves in order to be bought or found. An unwary finder or buyer might be found sucked dry in the morning with the ring not far away or may collapse in the field, dying.

As a player, would you wear such a ring to convert life into fire gradually at a 50% efficiency? As a GM, would you let your players pick up one of these? Would you intend it as an asset or as a trap? Check out my thoughts on making players pay for their toys and please comment below to share your thoughts.

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