Mind Weave Class-Necromancer

For a list of other classes visit the Mind Weave class system description.


Tier: Second

Origins: Cleric, Magic-user

Advancement: Lich.

Race: Humans, Lizardfolk, Goblins, Drow

Minimum Attributes:

Strength: 8 Constitution: 12 Dexterity: 16

Wisdom: 20 Intelligence: 26 Charisma: 8

The necromancer is the darkest of classes. Almost necessarily evil, this second tier branch of magic use typically takes on the worship of a deity of death in order to help in their work among the dead. Alternatively, a cleric could take this path, gaining magical ability and leaving combat by the wayside. Necromancers retain their magic-user abilities, but are not generally suited for direct combat, rather wielding a force of undead in battle. The necromancer class is automatically a fanatic of his deity and so can gain god-granted abilities and skills as normal abilities and skills.

SoulDrainThe decision to become a necromancer is not made lightly.  Whether in a moment of rage or in a time of derangement and desperation, emotion can drive a mage or a cleric to seek out the god of death.  They may acude to death to destroy their foes, to preserve their loved ones, or to empower them to create a better world.  Whether their origin is in magic or religion, they will be devout to their god of death, for a while, if their despair is not too much.

Initial Abilities: Animate Dead +1, Stealth Magic +1(Required to take: Fingers(death), Arms(Sar2, Zo2)), Prayer +1.

Initial Skills: None.

Potential Abilities: Arcane Knowledge, Call Undead, Command Undead, Release Undead, Sense Alignment, Sense Death, Sense Magic, Soul Drain, Summon Devil/Demon.

Associated Skills: None.

Lizardman Necromancer supports his undead against 4 heroes.

Lizardman Necromancer supports his undead against 4 heroes.

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