Character Thursday-Dirkra Humkruck (Half-Orc Monk)

My play testers are moving toward a big show down with Soldergna, a necromancer with a powerful fortress. They’ve already taken out some of the outlying positions of her entrenchment, and have now hunkered down in one of the larger fortifications with dawn fast approaching. I need someone to lead the counter attack on Soldergna’s side, and I may just use her monk assistant.

Backstory and Level 1-10:

Dirkra Humkruk has an interesting lineage. She is a distant cousin of Kent, related through multiple illegitimate children generations ago and, more recently, orc savagery. They have never met except in battle. She too is 1/16th Archon, a descendant of Lirmenieth, and the capture and rape of her mother was planned as part of an effort to see that a pawn of evil gods be the one to fulfill the prophesy that an Archon hand will wield Gamilzeag. She was raised near Val Kydnt, being trained to lead the capture of that city, the destruction of the order, and take the sword. Whether she accepts he prescribed destiny with open arms is still in question, so far, her blades have been shadows without blood.

Strength: 18, Constitution: 20, Dexterity: 27,

Wisdom: 12, Intelligence: 10, Charisma: 10

Abilities: Parry Mastery VII, Hand Fighting V, Anticipation V, Kick IV, Disarm IV, Weapon Mastery (Throwing Knife) II, Meditation I, Jump I, Swim I, Climb I

Skills: Agility X, Will II

Dirkra is a fast fighter with primarily defensive abilities. She can dodge or parry just about any incoming attack and has a great chance of disarming enemies. The important thing for my purposes is that she can catch arrows 62.5% of the time, partially negating my players’ primary tactic using encharged arrows to kill everything. In melee, I think she’s more than a match for all but maybe one of them one on one, and in any case, she can do some serious damage with throwing knives. All that said, I think they’ll come up with something that can fight her, but I also intend for her to get away, if I can swing it.

Did you like seeing a higher level character?  Let us know below.  We’ll do more in coming weeks.

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