Korgaran’s Megadungeon-The Epidungeon (Mythalis’ Promise)

The finale of Korgaran’s Succession, Mythalis’ Promise houses the much coveted Vault of Six. It is Mythalis‘ contribution to the complex, and while he eschewed the inclusion of an altar in his ritual ground, he accepted the task of protecting the Vault of Six behind a puzzle that serves his altar. It is a performance of negotiation and compromise, something all of the other gods have trouble with, even Korgaran.
MythalisPromise Mythalis’ Promise contains 88 intelligent statue facsimiles with standing instructions to act out roles in the puzzle. Most of the statues control a door, at least partially, that blocks movement in the series of passages between the entrance and the Vault. Other statues simply observe and may have valuable advice that can be volunteered, bought, or coerced from them. In a warehouse at the front of the puzzle is a limited supply of resources including lumber, weapons, armor, iron ore, gold, cured meat, fresh water, and others. These resources must be shrewdly traded in order to gain passage and find the other secrets of the maze.

All of this to reach the Vault of Six. Accessed only by passing through Korgaran’s Sphere, Mythalis’ Promise, and unlocking the Vault using the four tokens of Omalin, Grethgan, Glaineth, and Quudala found in their respective ritual grounds: The Manyriver, The Refining Field, The Whistling Spires, and The Deep Darkness. The Vault was built to hide away Korgaran’s Succession’s greatest treasure, so it could only be accessed by the six deities together.

This concludes Korgaran’s Succession. As soon as I can, I’ll work out the remaining details of the Megadungeon and put together the whole module. I’ll post it here in the next month or so.

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