Ability Tuesday-Encourage

This ability simply reflects the character’s ability to cheer team mates on to a better performance. Levels in this ability increase the bonus to the target’s activities more quickly than Charisma does, but Charisma is also an important factor.

It is a valuable minor ability for support characters. Some examples:

  • Margus Lilt-With 23 Charisma and Encourage X, Margus can give another character a +22 bonus on actions when actively encouraging. As a pure support character, Margus pulls his weight with these massive bonuses.
  • Lysle Hittite-With only Encourage III, Lysle has many more useful abilities in combat, but with 33 Charisma, he could also be good support in utility situations with a +23 bonus.
  • Fordi and Filmen Deeger-Built to recruit armies, then support them, Fordi and Filmen can encourage at a bonus of +20 and +18 respectively.

Bards get encourage intrinsically, and Clerics can learn it, but it is accessible cross-class and in backstory.

Would you build a character that spends his minor abilities on being able to support others directly? How would you use it? Comment below and let us know.

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