Monster Monday-Pacifier

“Who goes there?”

“I need to speak to the general, this war must end.”

“I’m not sure you want to go talking to him about that.”

“Trust me.”

“Well, then, um, right this way, sir.”


Hit Points: 4

Spell Points: 150, recover 8 per hour.

Special Attack: Pacifying Pulse, 1 tiring per spell point spent as with 8 Chaos (Indirect) fingers of AoE. Usable as a full turn.

Armor: By raiment

Strength: 8

Charisma: 12

Speed: 22

Special: Persuade II, Convince II, Diplomacy II, +1 to all for each minute interacting with a target of persuasion or convincing. +1 each 10 minutes of observation in waking activity. +1 each hour of sleep observation. Maximum of 15.

Description: Pacifiers, sometimes called Peace Makers, were created by Mythalis to be where he could not be. There role is to end wars purely through diplomacy. They are not intelligent, but quite empathetic and persuasive. They appear human, with silver hair and fair skin, but covered in intricate tattoos that glow a brilliant purple when they have reached their maximum convincing capability with their current target. They usually where the robes of a diplomat and seek to disguise themselves as such, but an Arcane Knowledge check against 90 reveals their true identity if the tattoos can be seen. They have no fear of death and labor at the command of Mythalis who will sometimes grant command of one to a trusted worshiper.

How could you use a Pacifier? What would you do if you recognized one? Let us know in the comments below.

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