August RPG Blog Carnival Round Up

You guys had me worried that I’d picked a topic too taboo to even talk on, but the community came through with several great posts on the topic. Speaking of which, the topic for September, starting tomorrow over on Dice Monkey, is about The RPG Blogging Community, so head on over there in the next couple days to get your wonderful creative juices flowing on the topic.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at what the community had to say about devious dungeons:

Liecester’s Ramble shared a one page dungeon, the Pyramid of Esslor, complete with a base-8 Fibonacci sequence and a rival party searching the dungeon, among other things. He came back with a second post detailing a mini-dungeon with some very creative quirks and encounters: Raynard’s Cave.

Mobius Adventures pontificated on what kinds of dungeons might be coming for D&D Next after having seen the Starter Set. I for one also wonder how the new edition will change dungeon building, in my experience, the skills available completely change what kinds of puzzles make sense.

Tales of a GM discussed how dungeons work in narrative focused games, including a creative method of table construction for randomizing room contents that makes the action escalate as the players press deeper. This is a great way to create story pacing in a dungeon, where story can sometimes take a back seat to challenge.

James Introcaso at World Builder Blog championed the idea of increasing the replayability of dungeons by not including many details in modules. This means players can read the flavor without risk of spoilers. He gives several examples of such interesting dungeon modules with short, one-paragraph synopses.

General Tangent commended Caverns of Quasqueton for several things it did well as a dungeon including easing in novice GMs and leaving loose ends to keep you curious. It’s one he goes back to for the memories.

For my part, I had dungeons on the brain as I proceeded in creating Korgaran’s Succession, a mega-dungeon built by a coalition of gods. During the month I posted 4 of the ritual grounds built into it for the 4 deities with a lesser stake in the project: The Manyriver, The Refining Field, The Whistling Spires, and The Deep Darkness. These areas have worshipers in them as the primary denizens with each deity’s followers having different preferences and behaviors.

I also took a look at puzzles, in particular for Mind Weave, but also in a generic RPG sense. I designed a puzzle based on the Mind Weave Arcane Circle for Grethgan’s Refining Field and a puzzle maze for Quudala’s Deep Darkness. I’ll post another large puzzle this week as part of Mythalis’ Promise, and another small puzzle in the near future, once I’ve programmed it to function without a moderator.

Thanks to everyone who participated for a great discussion and for supporting and sustaining me as host this month. Remember everyone to pop into Dice Monkey for the up coming Carnival: The RPG Blogging Community

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  1. Thanks for hosting! Great topic!

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