Character Thursday-The Stewards of the Deep Darkness

The Stewards are an eclectic group. Though most are intended for service as stewards from a young age, many are thrown into the life having already had a life apart previous. They have in common their fanaticism for Quudala and each plays a part in the workings of the Deep Darkness.

Many are needed to prepare food and drink for the Stewards. Others are required to guard the sacrificial offerings. Still others patrol the ritual ground seeking intruders or receiving pilgrims. These jobs are often relegated to those with few other useful skills, classless Stewards or otherwise Soldiers and Fighters. Other Stewards tend to find a niche or elevate themselves in the ranks to take on more interesting tasks.

  • Goblin, Drow, and Gnome Magic-Users sometimes join in the guard and patrol duties, but much of their effort is spent verifying the continuing functionality of the magical traps and tricks within the Deep Darkness or repairing damage done by the dragon.
  • Gnome Illusionists are on hand to use their illusions both for augmenting the awe and spectacle experienced by pilgrims and creating dread specters for other visitors.
  • Goblin and Drow Battle Mages head up the military arm of the Stewards, leading patrols and guard rotations and otherwise responding to intrusion with powerful magical attack.
  • Goblin and Drow Thieves, Rogues, and Assassins prowl in the darkness, keeping an eye on entrances and hunting intruders everywhere. They are also responsible for patrolling the caves and passages outside the Deep Darkness to eliminate, or at least warn of, deep creatures in the area that might pose a threat. In such situations, they may lead groups sent to escort pilgrims safely to the ritual ground.
  • Goblin Bards are candidates for Prime Steward and spend much of their time chanting or singing, especially during ceremonies, and play a crucial role in setting the tone for the entire ritual ground.
  • Drow Clerics and Priests dominate the the structured leadership of the Stewards. They are most likely to become Prime Steward when a time for change comes. Quudala keeps a strict eye on the Deep Darkness and these changes are not infrequent. These Drow in leadership must walk a fine line, maintaining their power while pleasing the much more numerous Goblin worshipers.

How would you deal with Stewards of the Deep Darkness? Would you fight them? Would you try to sneak around them? Let us know in the comments below.  

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