Korgaran’s Megadungeon-Quudala’s Basement (The Deep Darkness)

Quudala’s portion of Korgaran’s Succession lies in the space below the Interdungeon (Sphere). It is therefore sometimes called Quudala’s Basement, though her followers refer to it as the Deep Darkness. With virtually no light in the cavernous ritual ground, the Goblins, Drow, and Gnomes who worship there navigate by infrared vision or echo-location. Any light source entering the cavern is forbidden and will draw both the attention and the wrath of the inhabitants.QuudalaFull Though Korgaran‘s decline has essentially cut off their access to the ritual ground through the Hall of Altars and the Sphere, followers of Quudala still make pilgrimages to the caverns through the various subterranean approaches. They bring with them sacrificial offerings and often acolytes to join the Stewards of the Deep Darkness. Though the Steward’s numbers vacillate, the fewer their are the more opportunity for ambitious families to have a member climb the ranks. They never see their membership dwindle too low to perform their duties.

Most of the Stewards live at [H] and have their own spring from which to draw water. A few of them will be assigned to carry water to the Prime Steward, with quarters at [E], behind the Altar of Darkness at [F]. Slaves meant to be sacrificed are kept under constant guard at [I].

To assist in their defense of the ritual ground, a Brown Dragon about 100 feet long occupies the large spaces surrounding [C] in the East and North East regions of the cavern. It is kept content by the delivery of both food and treasure offerings from pilgrims to the ritual ground. It spends much of its time sleeping, since it’s original purpose (guarding against incursions from Calldinkel) is no longer vital. It sleeps among its treasure at [C1] and [C2].

Pilgrims to the ritual ground are allowed to stay at [D] for as long as they desire, often staying to be audience to the sacrifice of their offerings.

Refuse and remains from the daily functions of the stewards, the sacrifices, and pilgrims are all dumped at [G], where refuse eating denizens prevent its build up.

At the center of the ritual ground, guarding the shaft entrance from the Sphere at [A], is a puzzle maze ([B]). Though the maze appears to have many exits all around it, all but one of these exits is veiled by a teleporting field that returns the unwary maze traverser back to the beginning near the water fall. Stewards of the Deep Darkness can easily traverse the maze with their knowledge of the color spectrum present in rainbows and an appreciation of the consistency in distances.

Explorers making an Arcane Knowledge check greater than 50 (better than 50% chance for a 1 intelligence person with no levels in Arcane Knowledge) will recognize the first two passages are in rainbow order and remember ROYGBIV as the proper order of the rainbow. A Perception check of 12 or better in the cave at [A] notices a rainbow in the waterfall, a hint providing the same insight as the Arcane Knowledge check. For each level in Direction Sense a character has, he has a 30% chance of noting automatically that the distances of both the initial red segment and the initial orange segment are exactly 70 feet. On the fifth teleport back to the beginning within 6 hours, an alarm sounds and Stewards patrolling the ritual ground will rush to intercept the intruder, some entering by the exit while others teleport to the waterfall cavern.

In the near future I will expound on some of the more remote regions of the Deep Darkness located down passages marked [Q]. It is down one of these that the Stewards have secreted Quudala’s token needed to reach the Vault of Six in Mythalis’ Promise.

Next week, we’ll conclude Korgaran’s Megadungeon with The Epidungeon, or the Mythalis’ Promise.

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