Ability Tuesday-Greater Casting

The primary means for spell casters in Mind Weave to get more power into a spell without adding more time is to use a power syllable. Power syllables, however, add cost, and for higher multiplier power syllables, the added cost is disproportionate to the added power, making the spell inefficient in spell point usage. Gaining levels in Spell Casting also provides an incremental increase from bonus DoP that many casters will benefit from. Greater Casting, however, is an alternate way to spend levels for more power.

Greater Casting, depending on level, allows a caster to enhance a limited number of spells each day by a limited number of power levels. It can be a very useful ability for mages serving a primarily combat role and expecting to cast only a couple of spells a day in a kind of Vancian fashion. By level 8 with the “lon” syllable, a spell can be cast at half the cost but 4 times the power up to 10 times a day, plenty for certain mages, though in play test I’ve found most mages cast dozens of small spells a day.

I was surprised how many characters and monsters from the blog use Greater Casting, here are some samples:

Greye Altrute-Primarily a dungeon crawler, Greater Casting is more to balance out his casting to allow power in addition to utility. As a solo crawler, he’d rest whenever he ran out of greater casts.

Adamantite Dragons-These get a lot of Greater Casting as they grow. With their power, they may use this ability to push on to 8x power on spells, something not possible without Greater Casting.

Lucifugi-These devils have only a couple levels of Greater Casting, and like the Adamantite Dragon might use it to get above the power normally possible.

Osprytes Vs. Merfolk-Casters on both sides of this fight have Greater Casting. It’s a great boost to low level characters where SP can time are both valuable.

Greater Casting is an ability exclusive to Magic-users, one of the reasons they make better pure casters than their second tier options (Battle Mages, Illusionists, Necromancers). It is hard to acquire as a backstory or cross-class ability.

Would you get Greater Casting in order to add some fast power to your spells?  Have an idea for an alternative casting build?  Comment below to let us know.

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