Character Thursday-Worshipers of the Whistling Spires

Given the great danger in the Whistling Spires, due to the Rocs, and the isolated, monastic life style practiced there, those who are not serious about Glaineth worship have taken opportunities to escape into the woods to the South and get far away. As a result, all of those Osprytes remaining in the Whistling Spires are either recently hatched or fanatics of Glaineth, the Source of Gentle Winds.

As fanatics of Glaineth, the Osprytes living in the Whistling Spires have access to certain abilities. Almost all of them will have Prayer, and maybe even Pray on Behalf. Most of them will also have at least one level in Meditation (some will have many), learned as they strive to ascend the ritual levels and be worthy to approach the altar. A little less than half will have Sense Alignment from their life of suspicion.

Despite levels in these abilities, the population of the Whistling Spires is mostly classless. About 70% are level 0 with no class ambitions, but will still have the abilities mention above and participate in guarding, hunting, farming, and worshiping along with everyone else. 20% are low level acolytes, mostly hunters and soldiers, but also padfoots, magicians, and herbalists. Another 7% are low level classed characters: fighters, druids, and magic-users mostly. The last 3% are low-mid levels and classed. Most are druids, fighters, magic-users, and rangers, but some are priests and there may be a couple battle mages and rogues. Their leader is a mid-high level priest focused on prayer and meditation with leadership major abilities, not much suited for combat.

Despite their lack of combat personnel, their inherent flight ability and most of them being equipped with bows makes them dangerous foes, if they are made to be. If the alternative of working with them to fight the Rocs is taken, they will be great support.

How would you deal with the Osprytes of the Whistling Spires? Would you fight them? Would you help them? Let us know in the comments below.  

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