Korgaran’s Megadungeon-Glaineth’s Attic (The Whistling Spires)

Above the Sphere, on the face of Mount Call right at the tree line, is a ravine that was shaped to be Glaineth‘s portion of Korgaran’s Succession. Known by many as Glaineth’s Attic, the Whistling Spires were long a consider a most holy place by Glaineth worshipers who made pilgrimages there from all over Trethal. Since Korgaran‘s decline, the Whistling Spires have become less visited, due to their unreachability. They are still considered quite sacred, and an order of Ospryte worshipers still occupy its chambers and practice the prescribed rituals there.GlainethTopDown Since Korgaran‘s decline, Rocs have built nests atop some of the spires in canyon, preventing worshipers from visiting the altar on the central spire and from coming and going freely. The worshipers continue to carry out what rituals they can, but only very rarely do they attempt to approach the altar for the final rite.

GlainethEntranceWhile the Osprytes in the spires are generally welcoming of visitors, they are leery of anyone coming up from the Sphere below. A series of guard chambers and garrison facilities stand in the first and second spires of the temple where they are instructed to greet visitors, but are very wary, since they are often threatened by followers of Grethgan and Quudala who find their way up through the Sphere. If the visitor can allay their suspicions, then they will readily greet them as a friend.

These guard chambers can be circumvented by air, and the Osprytes within the spires are much more trusting of other Osprytes and other races capable of flight, a blessing from Glaineth.

GlainethChambersThe remaining chambers in the spires can be designated as either living space or ritual areas. The living space is in the most removed of the spires, and in the largest spire they have their ritual chambers. There are three of these chambers, each representing a stage in the cleansing process that must be performed before making an offering at the altar. Worshipers of Glaineth labor daily in these chambers to perform properly the breathing and meditating rites required to advance. They welcome any who wish to begin the rite and approach the altar.

Those who approach the spires with hostility and manage to fight their way this far will find themselves fighting those who have been putting their efforts toward the rite. They will as a result have combat bonuses from Meditation at the beginning of the battle.


Though they can only approach the altar for the final rite at great personal danger, they consider the altar area sacred and will attempt to prevent anyone from stepping upon that spire before being properly cleansed by the breathing.

RocThe Rocs that have infested the area present a very immediate spiritual impediment to the Osprytes of the Whistling Spires. They would be indebted to anyone who helped them be rid of the massive pests. This gratitude would perhaps be enough even to lend Glaineth‘s token to the party responsible for so spiritually freeing them.

Next week, we’ll continue Korgaran’s Megadungeon with Quudala‘s Wing, or the Deep Darkness.

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