Monster Monday-Roc

Roc‘Damn,’ Tibrus thought. They’d said giant birds would carry him away, just like the prior explorers in this area. If only he’d believed them.

Roc (Hatchling/Adolescent/Adult)

Hit Points: 4d6/10d6/16d6

Spell Points: None

Attack: 1d6/2d6/3d6 (Claw Attack usable in flight), speed 1, Dex 22

Attack 2: 1d8/2d8/3d8 (Beak Attack usable standing), speed 1, Dex 24

Special Attack: Raking Claws, damage from claws multiplied by flight speed/10.

Speed: 12/15/18 (Land),  40::8/50::10/55::11 (Flight Speed::Acceleration)

Armor: 3 1 1

Special: A successful claw attack acts as a Grapple initiation to pick up the target. If successful, subsequent grapple rounds are done as with Grab V, Strength 24/28/30, Intelligence 20/24/25 with the prey breaking free if they rise above 0. While carrying a single target (up to 100/400/800 lbs), claw attack dexterity is reduced by 8. Claw attacks become impossible with both claws occupied.

Description: Rocs are the greatest of birds, and vicious, resembling massive vultures. While for the most part they attack for food, they are also very territorial and will attack anything unfamiliar travelling through their hunting ground. Owing to their massive dietary requirements, they rarely live in groups except to raise their young. This might not be the case in regions where large prey like elephants and such are readily available or where primitive humanoids are present in large groups.

Unless they are carrying food to their young, their primary hunting strategy is to claw and pick up their prey. If it continues to struggle, the Roc will carry it high into the air and drop it before landing to eat it. Larger prey it may need to make several passes at, unable to carry it. When feeding young, a Roc will seek out roughly human sized prey and carry it alive to its young so they can learn to kill.

Rocs are said in some cultures appear on battle fields to carry away the dead to the afterlife. In reality, their appearance is more an indication that they have no aversion to eating carrion. Battle fields are a smorgasbord of food they didn’t need to kill themselves.

How would you fight a Roc? What if it was carrying the wizard away to its young? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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