Saturday Spell-Aura of Cold

“It’s so hot in here,” Berrik complained. “I don’t think I can go any further.”

“What did you expect from Grethgan’s ritual ground? He’s a volcano god.”

“He’s right, though,” Darius stopped Jerrat. “We could use something to keep us fresh. Miles? Can you do something about that?”

“Let me give it a try.”

Here’s a use of cold we glanced at with the Ice Squall spell, but never really elaborated on. In this case, we want the cold to last as long as possible, so we need an encharge and the “re” syllable.

Right Hand:

Neta (Natural Radius): Order (Full)

Vi (Water Arc): Order (Half)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Order (Full)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Order (Half)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Order (Full)

Zo (Negativity Arc):

Vi (Water Arc):

Neta (Nature Radius):

Left Hand: Chaos (Indirect)

saying “on re juo loa”

Cast on a person or a robe or pants, or maybe a longish quarter staff, this spell has 48 points of cold to distribute over 4-20 1 minute charges. Given the prodigious temperature effect 1 point seems to have given that Ice Squall assumed it could freeze a cubic foot of water (magical created water, mind you). For now, I’ll assume each point can make a 20 degree difference. We’ll take the 20 charge variety with 2.4 charges each for a 48 degree reduction at the center of the aura, turning 120 degree conditions into a comfortable 72 degrees. The Refining Field is hotter than that in places, but the aura regardless makes it pretty bearable near the center. This is reduced to a 30 degree decrease only 2 feet away, and a 12 degree distance by 6 feet, so the party would have to stay pretty closely bunched to get the benefit, but would get some relief for 20 minutes.

This spell costs 180 SP. That’s pretty expensive, and means that except for at very high levels, a caster wouldn’t recover SP quickly enough to keep this aura going for very long. Using bonus DoP to increase the power and duration could help overcome this limitation, as could cost reductions to Zo arcs or free order fingers from levels in Arcane or Elemental Magic.

Interested in cold spells? They’re another way to deal damage and the Zo arc can have a lot of effects, it’s probably worth getting. Any other spell types you’d like? Maybe cold applied to weather affecting spells? Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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