Ability Tuesday-War Cry

A character with War Cry can intimidate foes in battle, demoralizing them and so increasing their probability of resignation. A high probability of resignation make it less likely that an enemy will be able to take action on its turn, but does not prevent them from defending themselves.

Using War Cry drops the morale of all enemies (who can comprehend speech) within earshot by an amount dependent on the level in War Cry. Enemies then recover morale each turn, except for turns when one of their allies has fallen. It can be useful for gaining the upper hand over the course of a couple of turns while the enemy is demoralized. If this advantage is properly pressed, the enemy will find itself demoralized for other reasons before recovering from the terror of the warcry. It can only be used once per battle and is a free action.

Hemlit Durugsen uses five levels in War Cry to drop enemy morale by 70% before leaping in with a high focus on offense. When the enemy is demoralized, a defense is necessary, and a good offense can keep them demoralized.

Brass Dragons get levels in War Cry. Very large ones can get enough levels to completely paralyze with fear even the highest morale foes.

War Cry is a minor ability learnable by fighters and berserkers. It can be obtained cross-class fairly easily through roleplay or backstory.

Would you take levels in War Cry?  How would you use it?  Would you use it right away or wait until enough enemies are wounded to slay at least one a turn each turn? Comment below to let us know.

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