Monster Monday-Morgrou (Fire Drake)

FireDrake“There it is,” Michael murmured, pointing at the reptilian beast circling in the cave ahead.

“Is that a dragon?” Riek gasped.

“No, it’s just another drake, like the Lourka,” Filn said. “You’ll have your dragon another day, friend.”

Morgrou (Fire Drake)

Health Points: 4d6

Spell Points: None

Attack: 1d8 (bite) speed 3/4

Special Attack: 4d6 fire damage in 30 degree cone as dragon breath. Dodge as thrown weapon.

Special Defense: Fire Immunity

Dexterity: 16

Strength: 20

Speed: 28

Armor: 3 2 3

Description: Morgrou, called Fire Drakes, frequent volcanic regions and are rumored to sometimes swim in magma itself without a care. Over 8 feet long, these massive lizards eat voraciously and so will sometimes have to stray from their scorching habitat in search of food. They eat flesh, and do not care if it is scorched or raw.

Morgrou are frequently mistaken for red dragons, and indeed, their fire breath is much like that of a newly hatched red dragon, though they cannot fly and have far fewer options in combat. Still, to a small village, the terror and fire a Morgrou brings might as well be that brought by a red dragon of any size.

As a player, how would you fight a soft target with dragon fire? As a DM, how could you position them to turn combat into a puzzle? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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