Monster Monday-Copper Dragon

CopperDragon“Damn, it’s a small one,” Guy hefted his mace as the dragon swooped toward them. They’d picked the spot well, forcing it to approach from one side and land to fight them. “After equipment repairs, I’ll barely be able to afford a weak enchant from the enchanter’s guild.”

“You could go to an unregistered enchanter,” Liam smirked.

“And risk a shoddy enchant? Not a chance. Let’s just get this over with and get the reward.”

“Let’s not be cocky, she’s fast for her size. Fritz, you ready?” The Nekolyn nodded, huddled behind a rock. “Melbrink?”

“Not sure what kind of dragon it is, I’ll try something generic.”

Melbrink began to cast and in a moment the dragon was upon them. Guy rushed toward it, shield up, as Liam hurled a javelin and Fritz charged the dragon’s flank.

The dragon breathed at Guy, playing right into their hand; Guy was a shield master. But something went wrong. Guy cried out in horror and torment as fire engulfed his shoulder, pouring through the shield somehow. With him disabled, Liam drew his mighty sword and charged to aide Fritz.

Mind Weave Dragons are greedy and weak-willed. They are however very powerful, growing only mightier with age until they plateau at around 20,000 years old and between 1,600 and 2,000 feet long. Colored dragons are aggressive with lots of offensive power. Metallic dragons are passive and with defensive abilities.

The general dragon post describes Mind Weave dragons in general, including how to interpret dragon characteristics defined below.

Copper Dragon (Furnace Dragon)

Health: 6d6 per 10 feet + 36

Spell Points: None

Claws: 1d3+1d3 per 30 feet, both front claws, Speed: 1.5

Teeth: 1d4+1d4 per 30 feet, Speed: 1

Tail: 1/3 of Length, 1d4+1d4 per 20 feet, Speed: 1.5

Breath Weapon: Furnace Breath, 2 degrees to 10 degrees with 2d6/12 degree error, 2d6 fire damage per 10 feet, all materials treated as with a flammability of 0.5 if not already higher.

Wing Winds: 2d6*10mph+1d6*10mph per 100 feet

Armor: 36 28 48

Magic Resistance: 8

Fire Resistance: 228

Size: 8-9

Land Speed: 28+1 per 20 feet

Flight Acceleration: 18+1 per 150 feet

Flight Top Speed: 80+1 per 30 feet

Special: Anticipation V

Furnace Hide: The dragon’s hide is hot, 400 degrees Fahrenheit, touch with bare flesh results in 2d4 damage per second. Materials like rock and metal heat up normally. Highly flammable materials burst into flames.

Description: Copper Dragons are arrogant, even for dragons. They take great pride in their agility and precision. They are able to adapt to just about any environment. Though they prefer heat, they are happy to use their powerful melting breath to carve their own cavern which they can quickly heat with their own body warmth. While most live in small caves they can easily keep warm, those that find a volcanic cavern will eagerly settle into a larger home. Due to their intense heat and careless expansion of caves, treasure in their troves is often damaged and scarce non-metal objects will be found there.

Larger copper dragons will have grown into certain luxuries. It is not uncommon for a large copper dragon to decide it enjoys sleeping with cool spots on its hide and dig its cave under a spring, resulting in a hot spring where one would not otherwise be. Others might decide they like hibernating buried in dirt surrounded with a stifling heat, resulting in a large region of warm, steamy turf.

Copper dragon eggs require a high ambient temperature after they are laid, so the mother will remain in the cave with the eggs, blowing powerful flames around them in order to maintain an intense heat. Their eggs hatch within a fortnight of being laid, but can die if exposed to cold for more than an hour. Copper dragons are very protective of their eggs.

Copper dragons make a point to learn languages in their region. They prefer to talk to intelligent creatures before deciding to attack. They like to be able to threaten and deride those they desire to kill before doing so. They also like to be sure there is nothing the humanoid can do to help them before losing an opportunity. They are eager for allies, but they demand to be the leader in the relationship.

As a player, how would you fight a copper dragon? You can’t benefit much from shield coverage against their tight fire breath. What would you do instead? Would you be willing to work for one to avoid becoming a meal? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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