Play Test-Sleeping God Cave Second Session

The second session of the Sleeping God Cave went very well. We’re playing with people who have never played table top RPGs before, but they’re doing great. In this session they contacted the mayor to receive the reward for slaying the giant bat. They also offered to sell out the members of the Sleeping God Cult, since two of them had joined and so knew who they all were.

When the mayor realized that a third of the adult population was in the cult, he thought it might be more prudent to only take a few. They started with the leader of the cult, Old Tom.

Meanwhile, the halfling thief stopped by the herbalist to spend his reward on poisons for his darts. He walked away with some hallucinogenic drugs and decided to put them to the test on Old Tom as he was being arrested, resulting in quite a scene. He hoped it would make him look mad and discredit him as a prophet.

Unfortunately, it drew the attention of the herbalist who put things together when the bat was paraded through town later that day. Someone shows up with money to blow on hallucinogenic herbs right after an anonymous party picked up a reward, then the drug is used on her cult leader. She sought him out as he watched the parade from a rooftop and drugged him.

At the cult meeting that night, he was presented as a sacrifice to renew the spirit of the sleeping god. While the cult left him to the bats while they went to free Old Tom, the fighter freed him. They reached town too late, but angry now they raided the herbalist’s shop for supplies and mounted an attack on the cult with bat attracting scent bombs and a one on one fight with Old Tom while the others fled. It was quite the fight.

Realizing they’d killed a sizable portion of the population, they’ve now decided to skip town without seeking any more reward. They’re on their way to the city to spend their riches on the best equipment magic can make.

I’ll share the maps and adventures ahead of them as they come. I’m excited for a city scenario. I plan to make it last maybe 4 sessions.

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