Character Thursday-Quudala’s Agents at the Manyriver

Most of Quudala‘s followers occupying Omalin’s Wing of Korgaran’s Succession are goblin grunts, but the leadership of the efforts she entrusts to gnomes and drow.

Ryez Ker’Ulen was born into one of the few Drow families in Bilierza that worshiped Quudala. On the one hand, this put him in the minority in a vicious city where worshipers of Quudala were not well viewed. On the other hand, the competition for his deity’s favor was less than it would have been under a more popular deity. He was proud to accept the call to lead the forces occupying the Manyriver.

Ryez is a decent fighter and a decent spell caster from his time as a Cleric, but since becoming a Priest he focuses mostly on support abilities and prayer. He is greatly favored by Quudala for his previous loyalty, but also for his ongoing success in holding the ritual ground against attempts to take it back. This favor is the primary source of his power.

Volkra Danaiyez is Ryez’s second in command. The Danaiyez family is also loyal to Quudala and when Volkra graduated from the the Bilierza academy, Danaiyez Matriarch assigned him to join Ryez in this bid to increase the power of their deity. Though not religious himself, Volkra is eager for the glory that would accompany success. He is becoming increasingly impatient with the fruitless search.

Volkra is a Fighter turned Battle Mage in the academy. He fights with sword and shield, favoring battle spells using casting focus and armed casting. He is eager to get into the front of a fight, but understands the virtue of standing back while casting.

The guard forces include a few drow sub-commanders and a few dozen goblins. The drow sub-commanders are mid-level and might have one or two drow assistants each at low level. The goblins are all between levels 0 and 3 with most on the lower end of that.

Gerglind Myrrinshind is the latest leader of the search in the Manyriver. Unlike many of the previous search leaders, who had been taken from among the Quudala worshiping gnomes in the Calldinkel Ruins, Gerglind was born in Tripik and grew up around the Tripik Temple Complex. Quudala approached him in her shrine there and recruited him. He was more willing than the better informed worshipers to take up the search.

Gerglind is a fairly skilled Illusionist with a sharp eye and a strong sense for magic. This and his knowledge of Omalin set him apart from his predecessors and make him confident he will be able to succeed where they failed.

Gerglind’s search detail is made of a couple dozen goblins. His second command is Krit Bitcrick, a mid-level Rogue. His detail also has some low-level goblin Bards who are zealots of Quudala. Most of the rest are Thieves.

Margu Bilgrinid has long presided over the logistics of running an operation in the Manyriver. Supplies need to be rafted down the river or, if they are fragile, poled up the river. Messages and waste need to be sent out without drawing attention. Margu is a stout, old, mace-and-shield fighter, but he’s a clever planner and does his job well. He is assisted by a couple of gnomes and a small squad of goblins within the caves. The polers that bring sensitive supplies up the river and stronger than average gnomes.

Durbin Higeranish joined the operation at the same time as Margu. He’s a surely gnome warrior, favoring a pole arm. He and his two gnome toughs are in charge of rationing for the operation in the Manyriver. He is a strict quarter master and hunger has never been a problem in the operation, even if he had to pressure the others into dedicating some of their forces to fishing.

How would you fight Quudala’s forces in the Manyriver? Do you think you could cut off their supplies or intercept a message? Would it be worth the effort? Let us know in the comments below.  

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