Character Thursday-Omalin’s Followers in the Manyriver

Though Quudala’s forces have occupied the Manyriver, a couple of Omalin‘s faithful remain hidden in a secret corner of the dungeon. While at the time of the creation of the Manyriver Omalin had followers of many races, her decline in power has reduced her following significantly. Halfling societies in the South of Anastalia still worship her, but in the North she has very few followers, most of them Nekolyns. Two of these Nekolyns have succeeded in infiltrating the ritual ground and reaching the safe haven revealed to them by Omalin.

Both Nekolyns are monks. The master of the two, Tillius Streampaw, is a highly skilled open-hand fighter. He can easily catch arrows and is very mobile. His appretice, Dracus Fishmong, wields two daggers and is a fast fighter. Between the two of them, they could certainly take on any one of the goblin patrols, even with a drow sub-commander present, but for now they bide their time, waiting for an opportunity to take the ritual ground back.

Would you look to obtain Tullius’ and Dracus’ assistance in searching the Manyriver? Do you think they would be willing to help you find Omalin’s token? What if they tried to stop you? Let us know in the comments below.  

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