Korgaran’s Megadungeon-Omalin’s Wing (The Manyriver)

Omalin‘s Wing of Korgaran’s Succession can be accessed through the Interdungeon (Sphere), but it can also be accessed by river. A river high above Korgaran’s Succession on the slope of Mount Call was diverted underground in creating Omalin‘s ritual ground. The river that now runs through the ritual ground can potentially be boated down to get into the ritual ground. This boat trip is long (8-9 miles) and treacherous (2000 foot descent), however. The river exits the mountain not far below Omalin‘s wing moving more slowly. Strong rowers or magic could make that quarter mile up river easier than coming down river.
Omalin'sWing Since Korgaran‘s decline, Omalin‘s worshipers continued to access the ritual grounds by river and send down supplies. However, Omalin‘s power has also dwindled and of late worshipers of Quudala have occupied the ritual grounds. They are mostly goblins, but a few gnomes and drow make up their leadership. The gnomes mostly manage logistics like resupply and the efforts to search the compound. The drow are charged with military coordination.

Omalin‘s Wing, the Manyriver, is a series of caves most of which are able to serve as waterways for the underground river. A series of sluice gates throughout the caves allows the river to be diverted down various combinations of flow paths, though some portion of it will always flow down the main water way. The current occupants of the ritual ground have used these gates to divert water as much as possible from the main way and have set up , camp and a bridge on the two shelves near the center of the wing [G]. These shelves were originally used for fly and spear fishermen to wade out on and provide offerings for Omalin.

They keep at least small guard units near sluice gates with chambers nearby at [A], [B], [C], [D], [E], [F], [H], and [J]. These guard units both prevent the river from being rediverted and use the arrow loops to keep an eye on any area they can. All sluice gates without a chamber that can be reached without swimming are checked by patrols as the guards rotate. All of this defense is in response to attempts over the centuries by followers of Omalin to retake the ritual grounds. [A] was originally used as a greeting area for new worshipers coming into the ritual ground and the curtained room may still have some traces of the presence of Omalin‘s priests.

The primary altar to Omalin was located in the altar room at [K]. It is now used as a command post by Quudala‘s followers. The latest to be given command will have a fairly accurate map of the caves spread on the altar with their patrols planned, as well as their search parties. Searched areas will be marked and probably remarked, since search leaders generally have time to thoroughly search the cave 4 or 5 times (with the exception of flooded regions which may be cursorily searched once or twice) before Quudala disposes of them. On other tables will be lists of unit assignments, supply delivery schedules, ration records and so on. These will generally have fallen into disorder, since the long-lived gnomes and drow presiding over these efforts are rarely blamed for the continued failure.

Quudala‘s followers are searching for Omalin‘s token, one of the five keys needed to enter the Vault of Six in the far northern reaches of Korgaran’s Succession. It is said that there lies the power produced their alliance. They have for centuries failed to track down Omalin‘s token.

At [L] there is a secret chamber where Omalin‘s followers once concealed resources. One or two of her followers still live there in secret, carefully fishing for their sustenance and biding their time for a chance to drive the intruders out.

waterspriteThe token is hidden at [I], an always flooded crevice that is larger than it looks. The token is guarded by one of the few Water Sprites still guarding the ritual ground, a large one. It is buried in shallow sand at the bottom of the crevice. Water Sprites still claim some of the outer water ways, making searching those areas hard for the occupiers. Their extra devotion in defending the water way in which the token is concealed is a large part of why it has not yet been found.

Next week, we’ll continue Korgaran’s Megadungeon with Grethgan‘s Wing, or the Refining Field.

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