Monster Monday-Frima’Uit (Water Sprite)

waterspriteNever camp on the river bank without remembering Omalin to thank. Every Nekolyn in the Tibris Vale was taught this rhyme. It was so ubiquitous as to seem unimportant.

It was not unimportant. A splashing woke Kairijt from his after-lunch nap and he jumped to his feet, disrupting a half eaten fish. The river had a face, and it was coming for him.

Frima’Uit (Water Sprite)

Hit Points: 1d6-8d6 depending on size (1-8).

Spell Points: 40-320, 5-40 recovery per hour depending on size (1-8).

Attack: 1d4/1d4 (claws), speed 1, 16 dex

Special Attack: Drown, grapple with 24 strength, 20 intelligence, and 16 dex against 1-8 enemies depending on size. By doubling up on a single foe, an extra 100%, 50%, 25%, 12.5% and so on stats can be gained for each successive grapple used on that foe. When the sprite has an advantage of 10 or more, the target’s head is under water inside the sprite. If in the water, any advantage at all signifies submersion.

Special Defense: Water Union, when in water, heal 1d4 per round.

Lightning Resistance: 48 (fresh water), 24 (salt water)

Fire/Heat Resistance: 48

Cold Resistance: 36

Death Resistance: 228

Speed: 28

Armor: 3 108 48

Special: Take damage from water destruction at a rate of 1 HP per cubic foot. Water control spells checked against as in Control Animal ability with Will III. Stealth V when in water. Incapacitate II.

Description: Frima’Uit, commonly known as Water Sprites, are highly territorial water creatures. In the most untamed lands and oceans, they will roam their waters pursuing anything on or near the water with extreme prejudice. They will rarely work in groups and a single Water Sprite will usually stake out a territory too large to effectively keep clear of fishermen or boats. However, when they do attack, they are merciless in bringing intruders to a watery grave. Sometimes, habitat pressures will push them to hold smaller, more manageable territories or even share them.

Frima’Uit usually answer to water gods presiding over their region and will at their command permit those favored by the god in their territory. In battle, Frima’Uit will grapple as many enemies as needed to prevent taking damage and will do their best to stay in the water. Particularly erstwhile foes will be the targets of additional grappling efforts. Though Frima’Uit come in many sizes, they are all dangerous and very capable of dragging even competent swimmers to their deaths.

Frima’Uit will usually construct a face-like mask from flotsam, driftwood, and other materials from their river. These can range from the ghastly to the beautiful.

How would you fight a Frima’Uit? What kinds of spells might be useful? What kinds of weapons or tactics? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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