Progress Update-Best Dungeons So Far

With the August Blog Carnival on Devious Dungeons hosted here on Mind Weave, I thought I’d make a review of the best “dungeons” we have so far.

  • The Rotating Labyrinth-Easy to slide in as a side quest and a great place to give the players some of the items on their wish lists, the Rotating Labyrinth is a true challenge to players and very fun if they are into solving large scale puzzles like mine are. It promises plenty of chances to split the party and that can become an adventure in itself.
  • Crem-Technically a small, coastal town, Crem has a small underground and two factions at odds, at least. This town could also result in a short, dungeon-like side quest for players who like to ask around when they enter a new town.
  • Pliinreuk Cavern-A dungeon on a massive scale with several goblin tribes occupying the majority of it. The dungeon presents several ways to lure the players down, and what they find could vary as well, from goblins at peace, to goblins warring amongst themselves, to goblins fighting off livecaps from below.
  • Sleeping God Cave-A dungeon with good background and a simple cave complex. The caves are an active and alive place with plenty of combats and sneaking around on the table.

Some of the others aren’t too bad, but still others are embarrassingly bad. If you want, you can find more of them here.


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