Character Thursday-Greye Altrute (Drow Dungeoneer)

Here’s my first quick stab at a level ten solo dungeon diver. I’m not sure I did a very good job. I should have my more mechanics oriented play tester try his hand at it. He’d find some wildly powerful amalgamation of abilities, I’m sure. I just made a guy with a wide range of talents, starting as a Magic-user and then switching to Thief.


Greye received rigorous magical training through the Bilierza Academy of magic, learning at the knee of powerful Drow mages. He was recruited from among the common drow for his manifest intelligence, but also his toughness. The recruitment was part of a program to produce support mages for Drow patrols and attack forces. He was taught to use magic in imaginative ways with an emphasis on components that would help more important Drow be more effective.

Adequately disillusioned with the academy, he was assigned to a patrol passing up near Livecap territory. Despite his concerns with the many fungoids along their route: slimecaps, hellcaps, darkcaps, the drow in charge of the patrol continued unperturbed. The group was ambushed by Livecaps while trying to navigate a hellcap field. Greye wasted no time making his escape. Assuming all others had died, he made his way to the surface.

Levels 1-10:

Greye wasted no time getting to the surface. Once there, he found he had traded disrespect and slavery for distrust and loathing. Not able to find work anywhere doing magic, he stole to eat for a short time . It was during that humiliating period he heard of adventurers becoming wealthy with the treasures brought forth from caves and ruins in the area. He was sure he could learn the necessary skills to make that work for him. He set out to sneak into a nearby cave, following some adventurers to see how they did it. He was not impressed, but he learned a lot, and left with a significant portion of their haul. His next delve he did alone. Soon he was quite wealthy and well equipped, but he was addicted to the adventure of it. The money was merely an indicator of his prowess.

Strength: 11, Constitution: 15, Dexterity: 22,

Wisdom: 14, Intelligence: 16, Charisma: 11

Abilities: Spell Casting V, Sneak Strike IV, Greater Casting III, Magical Intuition II, Climb II, Disarm Trap II, Lock Picking II, Pick Pocket II, Arcane Knowledge II, Crusade (Elf) I, Infiltrator’s Intuition I, Magical Scholasticism I, Encharge Mastery I, Hide I, Find Hidden I, Jump I

Skills: Stealth VI, Perception V, Agility IV

Greye is extremely stealthy. He’s almost certain to notice others before they notice him, and he can outrun most things if in trouble. He’s also pretty good at staying out of trouble. He kills things from a distance, usually in a single shot. Infiltrator’s Intuition means he can take back mistakes every now and then.

He has mostly utility magic, good for solving puzzles and getting around problems. When he needs something to be bigger, he relies on Greater Casting to pull it off. This build I think would be able to infiltrate dungeons pretty safely, but I think it would require a lot of patience.

How’d you like seeing a dungeoneering build?  Let us know below.  We may do more in coming weeks.

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