Ability Tuesday-Soften Fall

NekolynFallingThe orcs thought they had him trapped. And why not? With nothing but a sheer drop behind him, anyone would suppose Ryex to be out of options. But Ryex had led the orcs here on purpose. It was time to ditch them for good. He jumped.

Soften fall is pretty straight-forward. It reduces damage taken from falls by reducing the effective distance fallen. At first, the character can use trees, cliff faces, or buildings to reduce effective fall distance. Next, the character can use body shape to get additional reduction or reduction without something to grab nearby. At higher levels, the character gains the ability to channel Spell Points to reduce falling distance at a rate of 5 SP per foot up to a certain maximum given by level.

Michael Dorne and Thulme Breakbough each have a level of Soften Fall from their backstories, primarily as support for Double Jump or Leaping Strike.

Only monks get soften fall as an ability associated with their class, but it is fairly easy to get cross-class or from backstory. As a minor ability, it’s cheap to get, but you probably won’t miss it often if you don’t have it. Those who do get it will see unexpected options opened to them.

Would spend minor abilities to get Soften Fall?  What kinds of scenarios do you think would make it worth having?  Comment below to let us know.

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