Monster Monday-Lightning Slug


“This seems a good enough place to rest the night,” Malachi said, dropping his pack. “My magic is spent for the day.”

“Agreed,” Garrik said. “I’ll take first watch.”

“What’s that there?” Claire asked, pointing toward a dark lump on the dungeon wall. “A giant slug? There are several.”

“Best kill them now, so we can sleep in peace.” Garrik moved up and stabbed the nearest. The slug lit up briefly and Garrik cried out, dropping his sword. Lightning crackled to life on the other slugs and they closed as Claire swung her sling.

Lightning Slug

Hit Points: 2d4+4

Spell Points: None

Attack: Touch, 1d8 lightning damage

Special Defense: Charged body, 1d8 damage to striker when struck open handed or with a metal melee weapon. 4d4 damage if killed.

Lightning Resistance: 100%

Speed: 18

Armor: 12 0 0

Special: Emit 200 lumens of light when awake, slightly less than a torch.

Description: Lightning slugs live up to their name. Not only do they emit a powerful electric charge with which to hunt their prey, but they are significantly faster than the average slug, even those their size. They spend most of their time eating carrion, their own or from other sources. They prefer enclosed spaces where they can hem in their prey. They tend to hunt in small groups.

Though they usually live in rarely frequented areas, they have been known to crop up in mines and underground areas populated by dwarves, gnomes, and goblins.

How would you fight a pack of slugs? What kinds of spells might be useful? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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