Saturday Spell-Betray the Hidden

BetrayTheHidden“Do you really have to cast that spell into every dark corner?”

“What do you care, Ryan? It’s not giving us away, and I have more power to spare than flesh, unlike you. It only takes a second.”

“And you really think assassins are looking for you here?”

“Yes, I don’t take chances. One moment, re ba.”

Derrick extended both hands with the familiar fingers ready. To their surprise, the corner lit up with the glowing skin of a halfling, katar in hand. More surprised than they was the halfling. He hardly responded as Ryan drew sword and bore down on him.

I really like this spell. It’s a devilish application of certain rules to get a cool effect. The gist of it is, I want a spell that will expose a person hiding in the dark, but without creating a light that gives me away to someone hiding in a different dark spot. What this spell does is target an area with a light encharge, making anyone in that area glow. How much they glow depends on how near the center they are. The range is enough to make sure the caster’s companion is not made to glow, at least not enough to care.

Left Hand: Chaos (Indirect), Wind (Indirect)

Right Hand: Light (Full)

Saying “Re Ba”

While the spell itself is very simple, but the “ba” syllable adds something interesting to it. It makes it so the spell has no visible effect besides empowering any person (other than the caster) in the AoE with glowing. I can’t think of much reason to want to empower people to glow (besides lacking the syllables for a better spell), but you can, so I use it here. The upshot is that the spell does not give you away at all, unless it is really giving away someone else by making them glow.

This spell encharges a target at the center with 1106 lumens on average, a dim light bulb. It makes them glow with a candle-light of 12ish lumens out to 20 feet from the center. Using his bonus DoP, the caster can cast this from 16 feet from the center, and while he is unaffected, his companions would need to keep a few steps back to avoid catching some of the glow. The caster can therefore use the spell from about 30 feet from the area in question, a pretty safe distance.

The spell costs 36 SP to casts and would take most casters between 1 and 3 seconds. Not bad for a spell that can even betray the invisible.

Any spells you would like to see implemented in the Mind Weave spell system? Something else with interesting application? Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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