Magic Video Series 10: Detect Metal

Alright, recording from some trees on the back side of Y Mountain, a spell for finding an ironclad ally, or foe, by detecting metal. At the time, I thought I might be on the wrong path, I was also very tired.

So, this spell clearly fails the way I cast it in the video. This is why resignation checks are made during spell casting to determine if they fail due to fatigue. I was tired, and I completely screwed up the arcs; I don’t even know what I thought I was doing.

Writing this spell with a clearer head, I’d exit through the Ra (light) radius, come down through Des (energy), do a couple turns through Ya (earth), and come back through Des and Ra again, getting in as many half and full light and earth fingers as I can along the way. The words were at least right, ‘liu gruo.’

What this does is gives you a perception check that sees through non-metal with a roll equal to all the power put in, much higher than a normal one. Chances of seeing a piece of metal as big as a man in plate mail and chain mail are good up to a long range.

Stay tuned for more spell construction videos.

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Please let me know what you thought of this video in the comments below. Cinematography advice would also be appreciated 😉

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