Character Thursday-Mirindik Korgaranik (Gnome Archaeologist)

Here’s an NPC that could end up playing a role as guide in the Hall of Altars and beyond, though he is fragile enough to become a burden to keep alive, whether that means defending him or resurrecting him. I bet he charges extra for having to endure painful death.


Mirindik Korgaranik, born into a long line of servants of Korgaran, was raised knowing his place in the world. As a 6th child, his eldest siblings were already acolytes in Korgaran’s Temple at the time of his birth. He grew up idolizing them, but his family had already done their duty to the temple. One of his sisters became a merchant, two brothers focused on farming. Mirindik dedicated himself to the study of the temple and the surrounding regions. He made trips to the ruins of Calldinkel and into Korgaran’s Succession, learning all he could about Korgaran’s ancient throne in Trethal. He subsisted by selling trinkets and magical items found in his exploration to his sister when she was in town. Now, the temple priests respect his knowledge of the architecture and history of the area, often consulting him and hiring his service to visit important Korgaranic sites within Mount Call.

Strength: 5, Constitution: 6, Dexterity: 7,

Wisdom: 17, Intelligence: 21, Charisma: 4

Abilities: Spell Casting I, Arcane Knowledge (Mount Call Area) VIII

Skills: Perception I

Mirindik Korgaranik is the guy everyone in Tripik would point you toward if you were asking about Calldinkel or Korgaran’s Succession, or really just about any other features in the area. His knowledge isn’t free, of course, but he’s willing to give you a bulk discount if you hire him as a guide, so long as you keep him safe. After all, there are places he’s too careful to go without an escort.

At level 1 and still an acolyte, his very limited component list severely hampers his casting, and at this low level he has only 118 SP (9.3 hours to fully recover), but with good components and spells for utility and exploration, he can still be a valuable companion magically. Given is exploration of ancient ruins, he is sure to have some useful magical and divine artifacts in his position.

Did you like seeing an NPC?  Let us know below.  We’ll do more in coming weeks.

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