Ability Tuesday-Create Facsimile

CreateFacsimile“Master, your lunch.”

Elrick turned from his carving. The time had flown, and it was shaping up nicely, not the like the abomination standing him before him. “Thanks, First Try.”

Create facsimile is a very complex ability, I’m afraid. It comes with all kinds of facets and options. The essence of this ability is that the character can give life and intelligence to a creature made from inanimate materials like clay, wood, stone, and metal. To make a facsimile, the character must construct the body himself from the desired material. He then infuses the sculpture with magical energy to give it life, binding it to himself through his magical essence. Additional levels in Create Facsimile make this binding cheaper.

Facsimiles can have 5 levels of intelligence, higher intelligence requiring more magical energy. These levels range from taking basic commands, to carrying out commands in an intelligent manner, to totally independent thought.

The strength of the facsimile depends on its size and material of construction. Dexterity depends on the quality of the craftsmanship employed by its creator. At very high levels of Create Facsimile, more magical energy can be poured into a facsimile to increase these attributes or add other abilities.

Create Facsimile may be useful for PCs in a situation where they are stationed in one place for a long time in game, as well as other choice scenarios, but in general, they are more likely to be used as a tool for NPCs. Like the undead, they make for guiltless enemies without the dark implications of undead.

I’ve only mentioned this ability a couple times, when I made The Doctor as a character I seem to have thrown it in there. I also mention the wizard of the ice tower having ice hound facsimiles, that’s some fun flair for you.

Like Illusory Casting and Sensory Extension, Create Facsimile is learned exclusively by Illusionists, and is hard to learn cross-class or from a backstory without direct training from someone with the ability.

Would you go to Illusionist to get this ability?  How would you use it?  Comment below to let us know.

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