Monster Monday-Psentinel

Psentinel‘Let he who enters here have honest heart, hmph,’ Ryan thought, drawing his sword as he approached the door.

Korgaran was a long dead god, but rumor was that his treasures were still secure within these chambers. Ryan would succeed where others had failed.

What was that rumbling? Like stones falling. An avalanche on the mountain? He looked up too late to escape the massive spear descending on him.


Health Points: Durability as granite by size.

Spell Points: 10 per cubic foot.

Attack: By weapon (often massive)

Dexterity: 16

Strength: 2 per cubic foot

Intelligence: 24

Wisdom: 24

Speed: 20

Armor: Damage is done as material damage using the hardness of granite.

Special: Read Mind I, Sense Intent V, One Mind V, Mental Deul V, Will II, Disguise X as regular statue, -5 to Stealthy movement

Description: Psentinels are stone guardians often used by deities to protect important sites such as temples or ritual grounds. They are usually massive, but smaller ones are known to exist, man-sized or even smaller. They can take on any humanoid form proscribed by the deity. These stone creatures are patient as the rock from which they are carved, able to stand motionless for centuries, protected by their magic against the wear of weather and time.

Psentinels are used in situations when other kinds of guardians, like Temple Guards or mortal priests, just won’t do the job. They are intended to stand watch at all times, but never be perceived as anything but a statue by visitors to the sacred ground. They serve as a monitor not of overt malignance, but rather watching for troublemakers so they can intervene before any crime is committed.

You see, the psentinels are imbued with psionic powers. These powers allow them to sense the intent of each visitor to the locale. If any are found whose intent is at all suspect, they are then capable to reading minds to ensure they are justified before acting. Psentinels in the same area will also share a mental link to coordinate their efforts and avoid redundancy.

In combat, psentinels wield stone weapons appropriate for their size, relying heavily on their strength and imperviousness, as well as their psionic ability to see the enemies moves ahead, to win fights. Sometimes, they will be instructed to call out and distract foes until reinforcements can arrive, but often they simply go for the kill when they are sure a threat exists.

As a player, how would you fight a Psentinel? Worth carefully inspecting every statue you see near a known temple? As a Master Weaver, would you use them? How? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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