Progress Update-Trethal So Far (Anestalia)

At the beginning of this year I introduced Trethal, a new world for the new year. I’d gotten tired of the Midgeland and decided to start with something bigger.Trethal_Alt

Now that I’ve fleshed out about all of the continent Anestalia (center top), it seems like a good time for a review.Trethal_Pol

Anestalia is home to two of the most powerful and most noble nations in Trethal: Lyseria, nation of the Archons founded in the aftermath of the Dragon War; and Alfoli, a besieged nation of zealous kings and rugged individuals. These nations are close allies, though separated by near impassable terrain and required to assist each other primarily by sea.

Each has an unsavory neighboring nation to the South. Sumak, South of Lyseria, is a nation built on the backs of surfs and slaves. Riegzen, is a jealous and bitter nation, South of the more prosperous Alfoli. They have their own hardships, but they also add to those of Alfoli.

The North is mostly sparsely populated wilderness, though it was once home to great empires. The ruinous metropolis of Tripik and it’s temple complex in the shadow of Mount Call are all that remain to memorialize the great Calldinkel Gnome Empire. That, and the Rotating Labyrinth whose occupant led the demon army that brought about their downfall.

Dimrill is similarly built in the ruins of an ancient empire, though still powerful. They fight against the forces of the Black Shield and Black Spear in the Black Swamp and Black Forest to the West. They also keep an eye on the fickle Ospryte population in the Jaw Mounts.

On the Southern edge of the Seven Peak Woods, around Mount Durn, Dalifan and Val Kydnt remain bastions of good in the Northern wilderness, living where their ancient founders had lived despite the shift of civilization into the South. Beneath them brood the Goblins of Pliinreuk Cavern and the Tealmüt Livecaps.

West of the Seven Peak Woods loom the White Mountains. They have been fairly quiet since the Rephiam fell, with only Osprytes living in small flocks like Carrion Canyon and Talonrook, but the ancient evil still broods there, having promised to rise again.

There are still a few places in Anestalia I haven’t written about: Glenmark on the southern tip with its fine craftsmen, relying heavily on Lyseria for protection; Frostburg in the Northern tundra with it’s barbarian population; and Hilka, the mercenary nation on their desert island near the continent. Not to mention all the other ancient holds in the Seven Peak Woods. I’ll get to them eventually, but maybe not before we move to one of the other continents for a while.

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