Progress Update-Psionics

Because Mind Weave isn’t complicated enough already, I’ve been looking at adding psionics as an option. I’ve never actually played D&D or any other table top in a game where psionics were in use, so I don’t have any great love for them. I want to include them for completeness. I haven’t worked on them much, but I mention them today because tomorrow’s monster, the Psentinel, uses psionics, so I figure I should mention they’re a thing.

I intend to implement psionics as an expansion option at character creation. When you create a character you’ll be able to turn psion on and off. It will act as a second race in a sense, giving penalties and some bonuses to attributes for the psion character, mostly penalties. The psion would also get a level of will and a choice of a major and minor psionic ability. The psion would then have a list of psionic abilities he could take in addition to his normal class abilities on level up.

I made a list of these psionic abilities at one point, but never actually built them. I’ll find the list eventually and start putting them in the ability post rotation. The Silver Dragon will have quite a few of them, so I’ll need them before I post him.

Have any good suggestions for psionic abilities? Let us know in the comments below.

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