Play Test-Sleeping God Cave with First Timers

So on Tuesday my wife and I had another couple over who wanted to try Dungeons and Dragons for the first time. I took the opportunity to test the Mind Weave mechanics on some new faces.

It went incredibly well. I ran the Sleeping God Cave, with this document of encounter tables and such. They played a healing focused elven cleric, a sword and board human fighter, and a poison dart and tricks halfling thief. I figured that would work well for the session I had planned. They made their characters with the character making program, and that worked well, hooray!

The session I had planned is not the session I ended up running. They approached the Cult of the Sleeping God directly, two women joining the cult while the halfling kept a low profile. As the two women went to their first meeting where they would be inducted, the halfling sneaked his way in. While everyone was distracted with the ceremony, he took a look around, eventually taking out the giant bat and dropping it out the mouth where he could retrieve it to get the reward.

They cast one spell the whole session, resurrecting a street urchin the bat had killed as a clue. Still, they figure that the cult must be up to something and they want to play another session to get to the bottom of it. We’ll see if I can’t get them fighting this time.

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