Saturday Spell-Whirlwind

Whirlwind“Ho there, old gnome!” Four bandits stood on the road, bows and arrows ready. “The toll’s 10 gold.”

“Step aside, boys,” Ferilbin shouted back. “The sooner you run, the fewer I’ll catch.”

“Are you serious, old gnome?”

“Suit yourselves, Mon Re Soa!” Before the fools could decide how to react to the spell, a whirlwind sprung up around them, toppling one and pulling their arrows from their course.

Ferilbin began casting a follow up.

Alright, I admit, most enemies would just shoot before Ferilbin could get this spell off, even with a couple levels of agility and dexterity. It’s too long to use in a situation where the enemy is ready to fight and you have no protection. Still, I make it as time efficient as possible. I tried to make it faster, but wind speed and range together just requires arcs. Tell you what, at the bottom I’ll provide an alternate construction Ferilbin could use to put the whirlwind around himself and fend off incoming arrows.

Left Hand:

Dain (Occult Radius): Wind (Indirect), Chaos (Indirect)

Oh (Wind Arc):

Oh (Wind Arc):

Dain (Occult Radius):

Saying “Mon Re Soa”

This is just a distraction, so 30 seconds is plenty of time, and it doesn’t need to start with any punch, so no duration components here. We’ve got 32 feet of range at the minimum, but 2 wind DoP that can either be 16 feet of extra range or 40*(1d6) mph of wind each. 40 mph of wind is plenty to stymie archers, so we’ll come out with a total of 48 feet of range (though relying on a uniform, single die distribution makes me nervous). The AoE is pretty minimal, but with wind speeds so high, it’ll do the job a dozen feet from the center with a little luck.

The spell is very spell point inefficient. This is an inherent consequence of using the “Mon” syllable. I’m assuming Ferilbin has power to burn. It costs 352 SP. Even being minimalist, it takes over 4 seconds to cast without agility. With 3 levels in agility and high left-handed dexterity, Ferilbin could get it off in a single turn and take them by surprise.

For a lower level, more traditional (no agility), and more spell point conscious caster, this alternative puts the whirlwind around the caster to fend off arrows.

Left Hand:

Wind (Full), Chaos (Indirect)

saying “On Re Soa”

This spell is a swift one, so it may lose bonus DoP, but it’s only got a few DoP anyway, so the loss may not matter (limited to doubling power anyway). This spell gets 20*(2d6) mph of wind for the same minimum and maximum and more reliable wind speed distribution. All it lacks in the range. It’s cost is merely 60 SP, and any left handed caster could cast it in a single turn (well, with 5 dexterity or more). It’s debatable if the whirlwind would interrupt his casting on his next turn, and whether it would affect the accuracy of his spell depends on the nature of the spell. What it does do indisputably is fend off arrows at least as well as the first construction. The first construction doesn’t help if there are other archers off the road.

Any spells you would like to see implemented in the Mind Weave spell system? Something else with a high magic flare? Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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