Character Thursday-Ikeerik Kuhurik (Ospryte Dragon Priest)

A powerful PC who has some surprise powers for the players, like Mardug Firemaw.

Backstory and Levels 1-20

Ikeerik was bound for leadership in his flock, growing up in Kegoulu. He knew it as well as anyone and took a very superior attitude about the whole situation. Still, he was very popular and few took issue with his assumption that he would one day rule. That all changed when one day a priest of the Wind Maker appeared in their rookery, landing in dragon form atop the cliffs. He taught the doctrine of the dragon and invited any who were willing to join him and his brethren in Squall Nest, to learn the dragon ways. Ikeerik was drawn in by the potential power. He did not hesitate to follow in the wake of the white dragon as he flew to Squall Nest.

Once in Squall Nest, Ikeerik found that despite his obvious and myriad talents, he lacked the very true zeal possessed by many of the worshipers there. That was okay, he would learn zeal. In time, he became the most dedicated of them all and soon had ascended the ranks to become the High Dragon Priest of the Wind Maker, Irgelahou. He now presides in Squall Nest, protecting the great white dragon and doing his bidding.

Strength: 6, Constitution: 20, Dexterity: 14,

Wisdom: 31, Intelligence: 24, Charisma: 20

Abilities: Animal Form (White Dragon) XVICall Animal XVPrayer XV, Pray on Behalf X, Spell Casting V, Natural Empathy VIIPersuade IVGather Followers I

Skills: Diplomacy X

Ikeerik’s main powers are his ability to become a small white dragon for a short period each day and the fact that his animal companion is also a small white dragon. He’s also very good at beseeching Irgelahou to help him, but praying to a dragon isn’t nearly as useful as praying to a deity.

Lacking in personal power, Ikerrik relies heavily on the incredible loyalty of the other worshipers in the Squall Nest. They will obey his commands to the end of the earth, and further, since being Osprytes they can fly.

As a Master Weaver, would you give the players so underpowered an NPC to fight, with 25 minor abilities practically thrown away to praying to a dragon? Is this made up for by the fact he used many of his Master Weaver points to get a dragon animal form?  As a player, how would you fight a character like this? Comment below and let us know.

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