Trethal History-The Dragon War

White DragonFor the Invasive Species Blog Carnival this month, I thought I’d write up the origins of Dragons in Trethal.

One of the great pivotal moments in the history of Trethal was the upheaval known across the world as the Dragon War. The dragon war in a matter of days had encompassed all of Trethal, embroiling each of the human nations in turmoil like they could not imagine before it came. As the Age of Man neared the peak of it’s golden age, massive rifts opened all across Trethal. At the other end of the rifts was the Dragon Realm. Each rift opened on a different faction of the dragons and dragons poured out into the land.

Brass Dragons in the South of Dlina, what is now Sumak. White Dragons in Jaw Mounts above Keriel. Blue Dragons in the White Mounts, where the Rephiam lurked after their fall. Red Dragons in the plains of Imalya. Purple Dragons in the Fiefen Sea. And so on. The greedy, powerful beasts crushed the great empires of man and took their riches for themselves. They wreaked havoc on all men and the strongest fought fiercely to protect those who survived the initial onslaught. The whole world was on the verge of destruction.PurpleDragonSmall

But one rift had opened through which dragons did not pour. It appeared in the fertile prairies on the edge of the Morsenault Ocean. On the Dragon Realm side, it had opened in the Valley of Light, near the Archon city of Arenthal. Archon troops came through shortly scouting the new land. Once they new what had happened, they poured through in force, defending the valley of the Sliver Lakes from the dragon onslaught. They took responsibility for the war in their realm pouring into Trethal.

They formed the nation of Lyseria, building a gate over their rift, contained in the capital city Avalon. They came to the aide of the standing human forces and nations, beating the dragons back and building gates over each of the rifts in turn. The Dragon War ended shortly thereafter. With no more dragons pouring through, those remaining in Trethal took to hiding and guarding their hordes.

The Archons trusted the humans too much, leaving the keys to the gates in their key holes. Soon foolish and ambitious individuals had opened many of the gates, letting a dragon or two through before the dragons killed the opener and closed it again. The keys are all scattered now, whether hidden by the Archons or carried away by the dragons they brought into the world. The dragons that remain breed and survive, but their numbers dwindle.

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