Squall Nest-The Birthplace of Winds

Here’s a dungeon I’ve had half finished for a long time. Finally thought I get around to finishing it up. The Squall Nest is home to the Ospryte equivalent of a monastery, living and being trained in the two largest chambers of the caves. It is nestled in the Jaw Mounts north of the Black Swamp, a mountain range populated primarily by Ospryte flocks that look to Squall Nest for guidance.???????????????????????????????

A White Dragon lives at the back of the caves. The Ospryte druids and priests living in the caves worship the dragon and some of them have learned from it the ability to become small dragons. They bring the dragon food and treasure in order to gain his favor, and he teaches them and protects them with his wind powers. He has put great effort in manipulating them, seeing as he is bound within the cave by magics forged by the Archons during the dragon war and they are his only source of food and treasure. The dragon is about 6000 years old and 1500 feet long, his head facing the front of the cave.

His mighty inhales and exhales give the cave it’s name, as the cave constantly breathes. He breaths in through the nose, which cave he sucks in through being determined by where his massive nostrils are facing on the upper level of the caves. He breathes out through the mouth, pushing wind through the lower tunnels and out of the caves.

???????????????????????????????About 50 Osprytes live in the caves, almost all of them leveled, even if some are merely acolyte druids. They always keep small guard groups in the smaller caves surrounding their large caves. They are frequently out collecting food for the dragon.

Would you visit the Squall Nest? What would you expect to get from it? What kind of reduction in encounter level would the dragon get for being immobile? Let us know in the comments below.


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