Ability Tuesday-Stillness

StillnessThis ability is an extremely versatile one. It allows the possessing character to make himself incredibly still for a short period of time (depending on level, but on the order of minutes). While still, the character gets a blanket bonus (also dependent on level) to a variety of actions: hiding, firing a bow or crossbow (while stationary), Will checks, and Perception checks of all sorts including those using the other Senses.

This high versatility means that stillness fits into builds from scouts, to snipers, to infiltrators. Here are some examples of characters with stillness in their builds:

  • Rife Delynshire: Kind of an ultimate scout build, Rife uses stillness in addition to other perception bonuses to see very well in a mile radius and to find the trail when tracking. He’s also an archer, so he uses it for sniping too.
  • Mika Daktu: She is a true sniper, with lots of archery focused assassination abilities. She uses stillness to improve her chances of extra critical multipliers. It could also help sneaking into position.
  • Milo Redbranch: Kind of an arcane archer character with enough scouting tacked on to find any foe within a mile, this guy has a little stillness for the extra hit help.
  • Felin Mix: This guy is a survivor. He uses stillness mainly for hiding and knowing when danger is around.

Druids, Monks, Assassins, Rangers, and Rogues can get Stillness. It’s not particularly hard to justify cross-class through the Master Weaver or as a backstory ability.

Would you play a still character?  What kinds of enemies do you think it would be useful to get extra damage against? Let us know in the comments below.

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