Monster Monday-White Dragon

White DragonThey’d followed the dragon before, tracking it to its hoard. What they found was a pile of junk. The dragon had been tricking them all along. Now they called it out openly so they could force the location of its hoard from it.

It was hard to track the beast, zooming about and disappearing into canyons and the ground itself. Garret was sure it was in the canyon somewhere, probably within earshot.

“Dragon, come out and face us!”

Suddenly, out from the canyon wall it sprung, screaming.

“Fire!” Garret ordered his archers. Bowstrings twanged, but as the arrows whistled toward the dragon it flapped mighty wings, scattering them. It’d be more trouble than he thought.

Mind Weave Dragons are greedy and weak-willed. They are however very powerful, growing only mightier with age until they plateau at around 20,000 years old and between 1,600 and 2,000 feet long. Colored dragons are aggressive with lots of offensive power. Metallic dragons are passive and with defensive abilities.

The general dragon post describes Mind Weave dragons in general, including how to interpret dragon characteristics defined below.

White Dragon (Wind Dragon)

Health: 2d6 per 10 feet + 12

Spell Points: None

Claws: 1d4 + 1d4 per 50 feet. Up to 3 per turn on land, up to 4 when flying.

Teeth: 1d6 + 1d6 per 50 feet. Speed 1.

Tail: 1/3 of Length, 1d4+1d4 per 20 feet. Speed 1

Breath Weapon: Wind Breath, 15 degrees to 90 degrees with 2d6 degree error, 2d6 mph per 10 feet.

Wing Winds: 4d6*10 mph+2d6*10 mph per 100 feet

Armor: 6 4 6

Magic Resistance: 6

Size: 8-8.5

Land Speed: 28+1 per 20 feet

Flight Acceleration: 20+1 per 150 feet

Flight Top Speed: 100+1 per 30 feet


Partially Incorporeal: ¾ damage from physical attacks.

Aura of Wind: As it flies, a white dragon is surrounded by a tunnel of wind blowing in it’s direction of flight with a center wind speed 20% of it’s flight speed. The Aura is as if with 16 Chaos (Indirect) fingers with 50% at 28 feet, 25% at 56 feet, and 10% at 94 feet. This increases its speed relative to land by 20% at all times.

Wall Pass: 1/10th speed of entry. They can change direction 5 degrees per second.

Description: Wind dragons are wild and tempestuous in nature and power. They love to fly wildly, but they fear the dangers of humanoid populations. They seek out the most remote edges of the world and it’s wilderness to be free of restrictions. They frequent the highest mountain ranges and remote canyons. They gather trinkets and treasures and return them to the hoards, but their hoards are notoriously disappointing nonetheless, filled with animal bones, river stones, and old tree trunks. Even when such a hoard has not already been picked over by a previous discoverer or raided by another dragon, valuable pieces are rare in them. But, what can you expect when stumbling upon a treasure(less) trove completely unguarded?

Egg laying white dragons don’t lay them all at once, but rather scattered across the countryside they roam. Newly hatched white dragons will fly directionless for years before choosing a territory and beginning a collection. These hatchlings are known to fly into villages on the border of the wilderness, chasing a shovel or hoe whose glint caught their eye. Military patrols or garrisons may be startled as they careen upon them in a flurry of wind, diving after the glint of a spear or sword. Those dragons that survive to adulthood learn the prudent to steal only shiny things that are not attended. Still, older ones will take delight in buzzing small towns and scattering piled hay with their aura.

White dragons rarely learn humanoid speech, and even the dragon tongue they speak slowly. This slow speech is starkly out of character compared to their fleet flight, running, and combat style. Other dragons who have met white dragons consider them stupid because of it, but those that know them more closely are not so naive. White dragons are very clever, in fact, and catch their food by ambush, taking even very large prey without damage to themselves.

As a player, how would you react to finding a bum hoard? How would you chase one? Why would you? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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