Progress Update-Digital Map Making

So, having spent most of the week at the Antenna and Propagation Society Conference in Memphis, I started a new endeavor to test the waters. I’m learning to use Sketchup in anticipation of writing a program to convert model files of some format (maybe mutliple formats) into Mind Weave map format, for those who would rather design their dungeons in 3D than in my map maker. I wouldn’t blame them.

What brought this on, you ask? This nightmare, rotating sphere dungeon I was designing (shown from 3 angles at varying levels of completeness):Interdungeon1Interdungeon2.png Interdungeon3

At first I was really enjoying it and even scoffed when people said it might be easier in a 3D modeling program. “I work better on paper.” Well, then i started having trouble resolving inconsistencies, getting all the layers clearly depicted, and just thinking about it in general. It was too much.

So now I’m modeling it in Sketchup. Here’s what I have so far, though I haven’t yet figured out how to put circular guide lines in:InterDungeonJuly13

This first test in a modeler seems to be going well. I’m getting faster and faster and should have it ready to post in a few weeks.

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