Saturday Spell-A Vision of Fire

“Is that so, Merrick?” Myron asked, throwing back his hood to reveal a bald head, striped with bright burn scars. “Am I then to understand you will no longer respect the word of Grethgan?”

“Alls I’m sayin’ is tha’ ye’ve not shown a wit o’ Grethgan‘s power since ye came,” Merrick accused. “Show me ‘is power or die as ‘n imposter.”

In the hidden wing of the false temple, behind a tapestry, Hyrum began casting, muttering “Re Siu.”

On cue, Myron raised his voice. “Very well, Merrick. May Grethgan answer your insolence mercifully.”

Hyrum finished his spell and Merrick cried out suddenly. “The flames. Forgive me High Priest.”

“It is for Grethgan to forgive you,” Myron said coolly.

“Oh, thank you, Lord Grethgan.” Merrick fell to his knees. “I will do it, Fervent Myron.”

“Good, now go.” When he had gone and the doors were closed, Myron turned to the tapestry. “Well done, Hyrum,” he said, wiping the makeup scars from his face and bald pate. “That should keep us credible a while longer.”

Talking about Illusory Casting, I mentioned the possibility of using a spell like this to mimic its effects in a limited fashion. This spell puts an image of fire in the target’s mind. Hyrum needs to the range to reach the target from behind the tapestry. He needs enough power to overcome Merrick’s will check, and enough duration to make it effective.

Left Hand:

Dain (Occult Radius): Chaos (Full), Wind (Indirect), Fire (Full)

Ful (Fire Arc):

Ful (Fire Arc): Fire (Full)

Dain (Occult Radius):

Saying “re siu”

That’s a range of 8 feet (16 with 2 bonus DoP, if he needs it). If he needs more, he could easily add another Wind (Indirect) for another 8 feet. It’ll last 2d6 turns, fading away linearly. That should have the appropriate effect.

Now for the will check. With 6d6, the spell has a very high probability of beating the (3d6)/2 someone with no Will gets. If Merrick has one level in Will, 6d6 vs 3d6 has good odds of working, but if they suspect he has more Will than that, it might be worth using some bonus DoP to boost this aspect. The whole spell succeeds or fails based on this outcome, so the only thing more important is enough range to get the spell to the target.

The spell costs 62 SP and uses a lot of components. Still, even if this is the only spell Hyrum knows, it’s gotten him a place in this profitable scam. With no agility and 13 dexterity, the spell takes about 6 seconds to cast. Aside from the long casting time, the limited duration, and the single target limitation, this spell is slightly cheaper than a similar effect using illusory casting. It’s more expensive than convincing Grethgan to actually send a vision of fire ;).

Any spells you would like to see implemented in the Mind Weave spell system?  Something else imitating illusion?  Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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