Magic Video Series 9: Just 200 Feet More

Alright, recording from some field up on the back side of Y Mountain, a spell for getting a group to buck up and make the last little effort, after the fatigue curing spells are no longer having an effect.

So, I forgot the syllables again, we need to say “ru grai,” and a real stickler GM might require the siu (mind) syllable for morale boosting.

This spell is like the “Energy Burst” spell from the Healing and Buffing Spellbook, but with an area of effect added in for some cheap extra effect. More than one Chaos (Indirect) finger might be a good idea to really get everyone, and a diligent caster would look at the group size and optimize to get the power as high as possible for the cost over the huddled group.

This spell takes over 10 seconds to cast without agility, but it might just be worth it to get everyone moving for the next little while. Now, keep in mind, morale is a fickle creature. A GM can decide that the futility of the effort reduces your morale quickly back to the dumps. A kinder GM might let the morale stick longer, but a set back like tripping or taking an arrow might cause the morale to crater.

Something similar to this is achieved with Rallying Call. A paladin with a few levels in Rallying Call could boost people to keep moving as well.

Stay tuned for more spell construction videos.

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Please let me know what you thought of this video in the comments below. Cinematography advice would also be appreciated 😉

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